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Cicada Emergence Notice 2024

Periodic Cicada Information We’ve been getting A LOT of questions about the upcoming Cicada emergence that will be happening this spring / early summer. There’s been a lot of talk in the news and online about it, much of which is nothing more than sensationalism. Here are the facts.   Here in Northern Illinois Brood … Read More “Cicada Emergence Notice 2024”

Rhizosphera Needlecast Information

Rhizosphera Needlecast What is Rhizosphera Needlecast? Rhizosphera Needlecast is a common disease found on Colorado Spruce –Picea pungens – (also called Blue Spruce). It is a fungal disease that typically spreads through the air from infected spruce. Below is a photo of what an infected spruce will look like after a couple seasons: Rhizosphera Needlecast … Read More “Rhizosphera Needlecast Information”

Tree Size Chart

Tree Size Chart At Wasco Nursery, we have many different sizes for our trees, shrubs and perennials. Here are a few of the different sizes to give you an idea of what our sizes mean:  

Trees Not Recommended for Northern Illinois

Trees Not Recommended for Northern Illinois Callery Pear Not Recommended due to Invasiveness, Weak Wood, and Fungal Disease – Fire Blight Recommended Alternatives: American Sentry Linden, Spring Flurry Serviceberry, Upright European Hornbeam Colorado Spruce Not Recommended due to Fungal Diseases – Cytospora Canker & Rhizosphaera Needle Cast Recommended Alternatives: Norway Spruce, Paul’s Select Norway Spruce, Black Hills … Read More “Trees Not Recommended for Northern Illinois”

Water Tolerant Plants

Water Tolerant Plants Too often gardeners find themselves with wet, soggy spots in the garden where nothing seems to want to grow. Lowland areas, poor soils, and bad landscape drainage can all cause these wet areas in the gardens, and planting the wrong plants in these areas can lead to root rot and other diseases. … Read More “Water Tolerant Plants”