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Bagworm Info and Control


Bagworms are a devastating insect that typically target arborvitaes, but can be found on other trees and shrubs. These insects overwinter inside the small bags shown in Photo A

Photo A (Bagworms on Arborvitae)

The bags on the tree will open up when the young worms are ready to start eating the tree. They will eat the foliage on the tree and then use a little thread to propel them from tree to tree. The areas that Bagworms eat will turn brown, like shown in Photo B.

Photo B (Bagworm Damage on Arborvitaes)

After a few weeks, the adult will emerge, create a new bag and lay eggs inside. This process can completely kill evergreens in just 1 year. Bagworms will feed on a variety of plants, including Oaks, Arborvitaes and Pines. Bagworms will create their bags out of whatever tree they are eating to help camouflage themselves.


To control Bagworms, the best thing to do is to cut the bags off one by one, before they have a chance to start feeding on the plant.

The Organic Captain Jack’s Thuricide can be applied to the entire plant when the worms are small and feeding in the spring.