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What’s The Best Grass Seed for Northern Illinois?

Black Beauty Ultra is our premium line of grass seed. Our team has extensive experience with this seed both lawn areas around the garden center and at their respective homes. The key feature that sets Black Beauty apart from other varieties on the market is its proprietary blend of tall fescue. Normally, tall fescue is not considered a desirable grass due to its thicker blade, coarser texture, and lighter green color. Bluegrass, on the other hand, is often preferred for its more manicured appearance. However, bluegrass is not drought-tolerant, is susceptible to disease, and is prone to insect damage.

The fescue blend in Black Beauty was carefully chosen to have a thin blade, dark green color, and finer texture than older varieties of tall fescue. As a result, Black Beauty Ultra produces a high-quality lawn that is especially well-suited for heavily-trafficked areas with dogs or children.

When compared side-by-side with a 100% bluegrass mix, Black Beauty Ultra may appear slightly coarser. However, its superior drought-tolerance and disease resistance more than make up for any difference in texture. In short, Black Beauty Ultra is the best choice for achieving a beautiful, durable lawn in our area.

Below is a photo of Black Beauty Lawn during the mid-summer. It has not been watered / fertilized. Photo taken at Wasco Nursery in St. Charles, IL.