Common Insect & Disease Issues


If you have a flowering crabapple or fruit-bearing apple tree that flowers and leafs
out fully in the spring but then starts shedding its leaves in the early summer, your tree
may have apple scab.

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Magnolia Scale are insects that feed off the nutrients on a magnolia throughout the dormant months, and produce babies who feed off the leaves of the magnolia throughout the early spring. If you have a magnolia tree which has symptoms of magnolia scale (white spots / patches on the trunk / branches) read our information below on how to treat it.

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If your tree is showing spots with small spikes coming out the back, or is showing orange rust patches throughout the foliage of the tree, your tree might have cedar quince (apple) rust.

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Before seeking treatment for the plant, please call or come in to verify with one of our experts which pest problem your plant may be experiencing. These guides are here to help show how to treat the issues, not to diagnose the issues.

Please feel free to bring in samples of your plant for our experts to inspect.