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Fire Blight Info & Management

What is Fire Blight

Fire Blight is a bacterial disease that affects many popular trees, such as: Pear Trees, Hawthorn Trees, Crabapple Trees (Newer cultivars are resistant).

How do I Treat it?

Unfortunately, Fire Blight does not have a cure. It can be managed by removing the infected sections of the tree. It is best to remove at least 6″ below infected sections, to prevent the spread to the rest of the tree. The bacteria lives inside the stem, so after each cut, sterilize your pruners with bleach + water (1-10 ratio).

What should I Plant in place of diseased trees?

Luckily, Fire Blight is only able to spread to plants inside the rose family. This contains many trees, but not all. Here are a few completely resistant trees, that make great crabapple and pear tree replacements:


Photo Credit: Morton Arboretum: