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Want help With Your Containers?

Our container garden design team is available from mid-March thru December and is here to help with any seasonal changes you may be interested in!

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Greenhouse Plants

Are you a DIY, hands-on gardener who enjoys creating your own patio or hanging arrangements? Or maybe you like getting down and dirty to plant a bed of annuals. In either case, we have you covered with plenty of bedding plant flats, along with the best selection of potted annuals by Proven Winners, and other well known national breeders.

We also carry a wide selection of both popular and unusual accent plants for your mixed planters. All of our annuals, accent and bedding plants are locally grown, including many that we grow at Wasco Nursery!

Hanging Baskets

Whether your outdoor decorating is in the sun or shade, we stock thousands of beautiful, locally grown annual hanging baskets to choose from, in sizes to suit every porch, patio and outdoor space.

We offer a wide array of colors and combinations, too. From cheery and colorful, to textural and monochromatic, or a striking big pop of a single plant selection, the hard part will be deciding on your favorite!

And don’t forget, hanging baskets don’t have to hang. Their cascading habit works great as a ready-made “drop-in” arrangement suited perfectly for taller pots and urns.


The houseplant craze has returned, and with more choices and varieties than ever! Houseplants soften spaces, brighten dark corners, clean the indoor air and make us feel happy.

If you’re new to houseplant gardening, we can help you with appropriate selections for your space. 

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Vegetables & Herbs

Homegrown vegetables and herbs are more popular than ever, whether grown in a garden plot in your own backyard, a community garden, or planters on your deck or patio! Having too many tomatoes to share with the neighbors is such a fun problem to have!

Experienced, green-thumb vegetable gardeners love our selection of locally grown veggies and herbs, including many that we grow ourselves right here at Wasco Nursery. If you’re a first-time vegetable gardener, feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, our knowledgeable staff can offer help and encouragement.

We offer heirloom and hybrid varieties, as well as organically grown and non-GMO plants. They come in an assortment of sizes, from cell-packs and small small pots to larger, more mature plant sizes.


Hibiscus, passion flower, and mandevilla … “oh, my”! Tropical patio plants are perfect for transforming your midwestern patio, pool or porch into a tropical paradise!

Our selection of “tropicals” are shipped from growers in Florida, Georgia, and California, arriving in early May, just in time for Mother’s Day and when the outdoor temperature becomes more suitable for outdoor placement.

With an exciting choice of colorful, flowering tropicals and breeze-swaying green plants, we can help make your home a tropical paradise!


Looking for info on how to treat common pest issues, plant care tips, and other helpful gardening information? Check out our educational resources from our team of experts.


Apple Scab Tree Treatment


Plantskydd Organic Deer Rabbit Repellent

“ The plants delivered last week were just exceptional, healthy and perfect! Your crew, led by Andreas (been here before) worked hard, did a great job, and were very courteous. They represent Wasco Nursery very well! ”

Gary B.

Batavia, IL
“ Wasco Nursery is the best place to fill all your gardening needs. I’ve had so many compliments on perennials, most of which I’ve not seen in other garden centers. I recommend walking the grounds to see the huge variety they carry and talk to their knowledgeable staff. So friendly and accommodating! ”

Lynn A.

Elgin, IL
" Always a pleasure to visit Wasco Nursery & Garden Center. The staff is helpful and the selection of plants is great! "

Jennifer P.

St. Charles, IL