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Garden Molds

What are they?

Garden Molds are caused by spores that land in cool, shaded, moist areas. They are typically found under tree canopies, behind large bushes or in decaying mulch beds on shaded sides of the house.

How do I get Rid of it?

The best way to get rid of this is to rake the surface up using a rigid tool, like a steel garden rake or a steel hoe. Rake / scratch the surface to allow airflow. If it is attached to a tree / shrub, wash it off with a hose sprayer.

**IMPORTANT: If the mold has dried, there will be spores on the surface of the mold, which will puff into the air if sprayed hard. Make sure to spray gently if the mold has dried.**

How do I Prevent it from coming back?

The best way to prevent mold from appearing in your yard, is to regularly rejuvenate mulch. If you have areas in your yard that get heavily compacted by rain, foot traffic, etc., make sure to loosen up that area to allow airflow.

Cold, damp areas are breeding grounds for molds and fungi. Thinning the canopies of old trees, like Norway Maples, can be beneficial in preventing molds as well.