Landscape design is a very personal process. Good landscape designers take the time to walk through your yard, discuss your needs, and then translate those needs into a workable design. Many people start a yard project and then get overwhelmed and give up. A design can organize thoughts and ideas and can be worked on at any pace – helping to avoid frustration. The ideas and suggestions put forth by good designers are original and unique, much like art. Many years of education and experience, coupled with a passion for plants, show through in good design. These original ideas are also why most companies charge a fee for a landscape design plan.
The budget for a landscape can vary widely. Yards are like snowflakes – no two are the same. Therefore, what your neighbor may have spent on their landscape may not be at all similar to what you may spend. Having a realistic budget is important to achieving success in your garden.
While we can often solve problems by talking with you or viewing photos, some situations just work out better if the designer can see the house. The yard is addressed as a whole so the design flows from front to back and keeps the needs of the homeowner in focus. Often, you can use this master plan over a one to three year period and complete your landscape on your timetable or as your budget allows. Fees vary for landscape designs but in the long run, those fees are worth it to have a comprehensive plan that suits your needs and helps you enjoy your gardens.


The design process begins with a visit to your home to look at the property, take measurements and photographs and discuss your ideas. Our designers will walk through the yard with you and discuss your priorities, likes and dislikes, maintenance issues, and budget as well as some early concepts for the plan. After the initial consultation, a detailed, scaled drawing will be prepared indicating existing features, proposed additions such as patios or decks, and plantings that will best compliment your home.

After the plan is completed, an appointment will be scheduled at the garden center to discuss the design and review a proposal. The design will be reviewed using photographs or examples of the actual plants; an estimate of the cost for the different phases of the project will also be explained. There will be opportunity for revision as well as for personal selection of key plant materials. You will receive copies of the plan and estimate to review at home.

The master plan fee starts at $400 and is refundable with a one-time purchase of $4,000 or more when you implement your plan. The fee is due at the time of appointment at your home.


If you are concerned with a specific area (front of house, back yard patio and/or deck areas, a new addition, pool area, etc.) we offer a partial plan which incorporates the same detail as the master plan but focuses attention on a smaller area.

The partial plan fee starts at $200 and is refundable with a one-time purchase of $2,000 or more. The fee is due at the time of appointment at your home.


Our simplest form of on-site design assistance can provide general design ideas, plant suggestions, identification of existing plants, help with shade tree placement, or an evaluation of an existing landscape. You are encouraged to take notes, as the consultation does not provide any drawings.

An on-site consultation need not be design related. You may want advice on plant maintenance concerns such as pruning or treating plants for disease and/or insect problems. We can advise on any garden related issues you may be having.

The consultation fee starts at $100 (per hour) and is non-refundable. (travel time or mileage may increase the consultation fee)


Bring a photo (on your phone or tablet is fine) of a trouble spot you are working on and we are always happy to make plant suggestions and show you plants in our Sales Yard. There is no charge for this service.

We are always happy to discuss which design service would be best suited for your situation. Please call 630.485.4948 or send an email to to schedule a personalized planning session with our talented design staff.