On-Site Design Services


The design process begins with a visit to your home by your designer to look at your property, take measurements and photographs and discuss your ideas. Your designer will walk through the yard with you and discuss your priorities, likes and dislikes, maintenance issues, and budget as well as some early concepts for the plan. After the initial consultation, a detailed, scaled CAD drawing will be prepared indicating existing features, proposed additions such as patios or decks, and plantings that will best compliment your home and style.

After the plan is completed, the design, estimates, and other materials will be sent out to you for your review. The design will be sent with photographs of the actual plants; estimates of the cost for the different phases of the project, and other materials. After you have reviewed the materials, you can schedule a Zoom meeting, phone call, or in-person meeting at Wasco Nursery. You can also email questions to your designer at any time. Minor revisions to the original plan  can be made as necessary but major revisions may be charged accordingly.

The master plan fee starts at $400 and is non-refundable. Please pay design fee before your onsite appointment.


If you are concerned with a specific area (front of house, back yard, patio and/or deck areas, a new addition, pool area, etc.) we offer a Partial Plan which incorporates the same detail as the Master Plan but focuses attention on basically “half the yard”. All of the other aspects of the design service are the same as a Master Plan.

The partial plan fee starts at $200 and is non-refundable. Please pay design fee before your onsite appointment.  


Our simplest form of design assistance can provide plant suggestions, identification of existing plants, help with shade tree placement, or an evaluation of an existing landscape. You are encouraged to take notes, as the consultation does not provide any drawings.

An on-site consultation need not be design related. You may want advice on plant maintenance concerns such as pruning or treating plants for disease and/or insect problems. We can advise on any garden related issues you may be having.

The consultation fee starts at $100 (per hour) and is non-refundable. (travel time or mileage may increase the consultation fee – please pay fee before your appointment)