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Gardening Calendar


  • Check trees and shrubs for rabbit damage.
  • Reapply repellent as needed.
  • Reapply wiltproof to sensitive plants for late winter protection.
  • Carefully brush snow off evergreens to prevent broken branches.
  • Prune most trees, shrubs, and vines.
  • Plan your garden and landscaping now to get a jump on spring.


  • Spray dormant oil to control scale on dogwood, lilac, wintercreeper, & fruit trees before buds swell.
  • Remove rose cones as weather warms up, but leave mulch on until new growth begins.
  • Plant cold crops outside: peas, spinach, rhubarb, asparagus, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts.


  • Spray hawthorns for rust when buds begin to open and repeat.
  • Spray for apple scab when growth begins on crabapple and apple trees and repeat.
  • Remove tree wrap.
  • Transplant trees and shrubs in your yard before the buds open.
  • Apply crabgrass control to your yard.
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs now.
  • Divide perennials.
  • Plant a tree in celebration of Arbor Day.
  • “Wait and see” on any winter damaged evergreens.
  • Do not prune brown branches until new growth appears; then prune back to live buds.
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicides to beds.


  • Water new plantings.
  • Continue apple scab & cedar rust controls on susceptible trees.
  • Overseed any thin areas in your lawn.
  • Control broadleaf weeds as they appear with liquid herbicides.
  • Plant annuals and tender garden plants after the 15th.
  • Watch for pine sawfly feeding on mugho and scotch pine.
  • Remove tent caterpillar nests as they appear on crabapple, plum and cherry trees.
  • Spray to control spruce spider mite.


  • Most borer control sprays are effective now.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs.
  • Fertilize annuals.
  • Raise mowing height to 2 1/2” to help lawns tolerate hot, dry weather.
  • Prune most evergreen shrubs late this month.


  • Water new plantings.
  • Apply 1/2” of water to lawn weekly.
  • Pinch back mums to 6”.
  • Watch for early signs of slug damage and control with baits.
  • Spray now to prevent powdery mildew on susceptible ornamentals.


  • Avoid fertilizing or pruning woody plants and perennials now to help them properly prepare for colder weather.
  • Deeply water all plantings to relieve drought and heat stress.
  • Apply pine borer control sprays now.
  • Treat white grubs.
  • Plant mums.
  • Lawn seeding and fertilizing can be done late this month.


  • Control broadleaf weeds in the lawn.
  • This is the ideal time to rejuvenate and over seed your lawn.
  • Spray for Cooley and Eastern spruce gall aphids on spruce if you have had a problem in the past.
  • Do not prune or fertilize trees or shrubs now.
  • Plant evergreens, especially conifers.
  • Begin planting spring bulbs.


  • Dig up and store summer flowering bulbs: dahlias, cannas, gladiolas, and tuberous begonias after the first hard frost.
  • This is an ideal time to plant most trees and shrubs.
  • Rake up and discard leaves from diseased trees and roses.
  • Rototill and amend soils in flower and vegetable beds for spring planting.
  • Water evergreens deeply if it has been dry.
  • Cut down and remove dead perennials after a hard frost.


  • Wrap smooth barked trees with tree wrap for winter protection.
  • Protect broadleaf evergreens with antitranspirant.
  • Apply protective mulches after the ground has cooled or frozen.
  • Spray rabbit and deer repellent to protect plants from damage this winter; reapply as needed.