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Deer & Rabbit Resistant Plants

Spruce up your garden with Deer and Rabbit Resistant Plants—one of the key tips to growing a beautiful yard.

Gardening is full of surprises, especially with nibble-loving guests like deer and rabbits. While our list defends against their curious tastes, it’s crucial to know no garden is animal-proof. Young deer and rabbits may do a bit of “taste-testing,” resulting in nibbles on even plants from this list. But, worry not! Choosing plants from our list increases your chances of a thriving garden.

Plantskydd, our organic repellant, says “nope” to deer, rabbits, and more by scaring them off. No extra steps needed. It’s made in the U.S.A., pet safe, and earth-friendly. Developed in Sweden, it’s the only repellant we have seen actually work. Combine our Deer and Rabbit Resistant Plants with Plantskydd for a garden that rocks.