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Premium Mixed Hardwood Dried / Seasoned Firewood



Our premium blend of mixed hardwood is comprised of Cherry, Birch, Maple, Oak & Hickory.

We now have a wonderful supply of Premium Mixed Hardwood Firewood. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What makes a firewood “premium”? Well, I’ll tell you. Our firewood is coming from managed forest operations and is not diseased or infested with insects. It is a wonderful mix of Birch, Maple, Cherry, Oak and Hickory. It burns cleanly with a wonderful aroma. Our firewood is cut and split on a special machine that cuts a very consistent length and thickness of firewood and allows for easy stacking as well as fitting nicely inside your chimenea, firepit or fireplace. This well seasoned firewood is dry, sure to light well and provide for hours of heat and enjoyment.



Disclaimer: We cannot mix or split shipments. We CAN add bagged material to a bulk delivery but cannot deliver two bulk materials on the same truck