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Golden Pothos


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Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is a uniquely-variegated pothos, or Devil’s Ivy.  Their beautiful yellow-green variegation sets them apart from similar varieties of Pothos.

Light: Bright, Indirect light. Eastern windows, or bright light rooms are where this plant thrives. (Brown spots on leaves are typically a sign that the plant is getting too much / too bright of light.)

Soil: Well drained potting mix.

Water: Water every 7-14 days, allow soil to almost dry out between watering. Marble Queen Pothos do not like to be in constantly wet soil, but they also do not want to be completely dry either. Leaves will wilt if they need water.

Pests: Not many to worry about.

*This plant is toxic to pets if consumed in a large quantity relative to the pets’ size.

**Photo shows a 4″ Golden Pothos, exact plant size may vary.

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