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Jade Plant (Matt Zerby’s Special)


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Jade Plants are one of the easiest to grow succulents. Wasco Nursery’s Jade plants were grown from cuttings off of Matt Zerby’s very large, vigorous-growing Jade. He has had his for over 15 years! Matt’s Jade in the photo is in full bloom, which is uncommon.

Light: Loves the sun, at least 4 hours or bright direct sunlight. Jades, like other succulents, like to be brought outside during the summer as well.

Soil: Well drained potting mix.

Water: Water very thoroughly once leaves become squishable – most likely every 2 weeks or more (do not water when leaves are firm). Let the plant completely dry out before watering. Do not over water.

Pests: Not many to worry about.

*Photo shows a 4″ Jade

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