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Jade Plant (Matt Zerby’s Special)


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Jade Plant (Matt Zerby’s Special) (Crassula ovata ‘Matt Zerby’s Special’)

Jade Plants are one of the easiest to grow succulents. Wasco Nursery’s Jade plants were grown from cuttings off of Matt Zerby’s very large, vigorous-growing Jade. He has had his for over 15 years! Matt’s Jade in the photo is in full bloom, which is uncommon.

Light: Loves the sun, at least 4 hours or bright direct sunlight. Jades, like other succulents, like to be brought outside during the summer as well.

Soil: Well drained potting mix.

Water: Water very thoroughly once leaves become squishable – most likely every 2 weeks or more (do not water when leaves are firm). Let the plant completely dry out before watering. Do not over water.

Pests: Not many to worry about.

*Photo shows a 4″ Jade

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