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Jade Satin Scindapsus


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Jade Satin Scindapsus (Scindapsus pictus ‘Jade Satin’)Jade Satin Scindapsus is a beautiful, rare plant native to southeast Asia and Oceania. It has thick heart-shaped leaves that are green with dark green veins.

Light: Bright, Indirect light. Eastern windows, or bright light rooms are where this plant thrives. (Browning leaves are typically a sign that the plant is getting too much / too bright of light.)

Soil: Well drained potting mix.

Water: Water every 7-14 days, allow soil to almost dry out between watering. Jade Satin Scindapsus do not like to be in constantly wet soil, but they also do not want to be completely dry either.

Pests: Not many to worry about.

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