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Midwest Landscaper’s Pro® One-Step Soil Conditioner


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Multi-purpose media can be used as a soil amendment or conditioner to prepare landscape beds for annuals, perennials, groundcovers or shrubs.

Used to prepare landscape beds for annuals, perennials, ground covers and shrubs. Till in a 2-3” layer to a 12” depth and plant. May also be used as a mulch after planting by installing a 2-3” layer over the amended soil surface. This layer can be replenished as needed or cultivated into the soil when replanting.

Ingredients: 1/2″ Southern Pine Bark Fines, Compost, Leaf Mulch, Hardwood Fines, Iron Sulfate, Blue Chip, Gypsum, with added Mycorrhizae

Ideal Uses: Annual Beds, Existing Beds, New Plantings, Perennial Beds, Planting Media/Fill, Soil Amendment

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