Monarch Promise Milkweed / Butterfly Weed 4.5″ pot


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Another home run from the Hort Couture collection. We are very excited to have this plant in our greenhouse for you this year!
This very special Milkweed / Butterfly Weed has beautiful green and white variegated foliage that is tinged with red, orange and pink leaf tips. The bright orange-red flower attracts Monarch butterflies and many other species of butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.
This variety is great to use in the landscape or in container gardens to bring life to your patio, not only for its amazing color but to attract butterflies. ‘Monarch Promise’ is a tropical milkweed, so it grows best in warmer temperatures. It was found by a butterfly breeder in Florida because she used it on her farm for its food source for her Monarch caterpillars.
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