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Monstrella Houseplant Trellis | TreLeaf


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Say goodbye to ugly moss poles, plant stakes or wire hangers. Use this houseplant trellis to display your indoor potted plants.  These modern indoor plant trellis act as great support structure for your vining plants or climbing plants. Help your plants grow vertically. These large indoor plant supports are sure transform you plants into statement pieces and create the perfect indoor garden space.

These are a quality trellis and a low maintenance alternative to moss pole or a metal trellis.

This indoor trellis is intended for INDOOR USE only.

You can style plant vines as well as climbing plants to create perfect decor pieces.

Choose from different sizes that fit your growing plants

This indoor trellis perfectly fits plant pots bigger than 4″ diameter. The sizes range from a small indoor plant trellis to trellis support structure that can hold larger plants. Check out the images of the indoor planter with trellis to get styling inspiration.

Below are the sizes. Also refer to the images for the sizing table.
Above soil dimensions (H x W): 11″x 6″
Below soil stake dimensions (H x W): 4″ x 2″
Above soil dimensions (H x W): 21.5″ x 8″
Below soil stake dimensions (H x W): 5″ x 3″

Houseplant trellis combination suggestion

Monstrella works great with climbing plants as well as long vines. Secure the plant vines or stems to the plant support using a garden twine or plant ties, and watch your plants grow around the trellis support. Monstrella has been rated the best trellis for monstera by our customers. We recommend adding the support to Monstera plants as soon as you can. For Monstera deliciosa, thread the aerial roots through some of the holes and cut outs for added stability.