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TopBuxus Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix


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  • TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a foliar feed containing all necessary nutrients for optimal Boxwood care. It strengthens your Boxwood and promotes healthy, green, and lush leaves.
  • Easy-to-use effervescent tablets: TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix is a leaf fertilizer in the form of easy-to-use effervescent tablets.
  • Professional quantity suitable for 1,000 square feet of Boxwood: The tub contains 10 individually packaged tablets, with each tablet covering 100 square feet of Boxwood. Simply place 1 tablet in 1 quart of water, allow 10 minutes for the tablet to dissolve, then apply to 100 square feet of Boxwood foliage using a pressure sprayer, ensuring complete coverage of the entire Boxwood.
  • TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect is an 8-0-10 leaf fertilizer with secondary nutrients of 100% natural base.
  • Developed by TOPBUXUS: TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect was scientifically developed, tested, and used over several years by TOPBUXUS on their nursery in the Netherlands. TOPBUXUS is the world’s largest boxwood grower. Follow the grower’s lead!