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TopBuxus Turbo Grow


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  • Granular fertilizer, specifically developed for Boxwood
  • Provides a nutrient boost for fast growth
  • Fast acting – absorbed directly by the roots of the plants
  • Prevents and repairs yellowing of leaves
  • Ensures bright green, lush and healthy leaves
  • NPK 13-3-13 + 2.5 Magnesium + 9.0 Sulfur + 2.0 Calcium

TOPBUXUS Turbo Grow is a professional fertilizer specifically developed for Boxwood (Buxus), containing the proper nutrients in the right proportions. Unlike many other fertilizers on the market, Topbuxus Turbo Grow is fast-acting. Boxwood plants experience three growth spurts each year (April, June, and August) and ideally require a nutrient boost during these periods. Therefore, in contrast to common slow-release fertilizers, TOPBUXUS Turbo Grow releases its nutrients rapidly after application. Just 1 lb. of TOPBUXUS Turbo Grow feeds 100 sq. ft. of Boxwood. Feeding your Boxwood three times per season with TOPBUXUS Turbo Grow ensures that the plant receives all the necessary nutrition to stimulate growth, retain its beautiful green color, and prevent leaf yellowing.

IMPORTANT Note: Sprinkle the granules on the soil under the plant, NOT on top of the plant.

Size: 1lb bottle treats 100sq. ft. of boxwood