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As time goes by you may be noticing that your Ash trees are not looking too good and may have become victims of the Emerald Ash Borer. We can arrange for removal of your old trees and replacement with new healthy trees. Smaller Ash trees will be removed and stumps ground out by our experienced crews. Trees will be destroyed / disposed of according to Illinois Department of Agriculture / USDA regulations. The removal of larger Ash trees may be subcontracted to one of the professional arborculture firms that we regularly work with.

At Wasco Nursery, you will find the area’s largest inventory of locally grown shade trees including many varieties of Maples and Oaks, plus other great Ash replacement options such as Ginkgo, Hornbeam, Katsuratree, Kentucky Coffeetree, Hackberry, Hybrid Elms (not affected by Dutch elm disease), Planetree, Tuliptree and more. For more information on trees that we grow click here.

If your Ash tree has not been affected by the Emerald Ash Borer and you would like to prevent E.A.B. from attacking your tree there are several options. We sell three do-it-yourself products that are labeled for E.A.B.


Acecap97 – systemic tree implant

Optrol – soil drench for larger diameter Ash (14″+)

Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control – soil drench for small and medium diameter Ash (2″ – 20″)

Give us a call at 630-584-4424, email [email protected], or stop in at the garden center so we can make recommendations for your particular situation.