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Pear Tree Replacement

At Wasco Nursery, one of our main missions is to preserve and grow the natural areas. One of the biggest threats to these natural areas are invasive trees such as Ornamental Pear Trees (Pyrus calleryana). These trees, although supposed to be sterile, are incredibly invasive. They pop up in natural areas like forest preserves, restored prairies and even in residential yards. Once they have established themselves, they can be difficult to remove. Even when completely cut down to the ground, Ornamental Pears will sprout new growth from the base. This is why, when you cut down an old pear tree, it is important to remove the entirety of the old stump. If most of the stump is left, endless suckers will pop up from the base of where the old tree used to be.
Throughout the entire month of July, Wasco Nursery is offering a $50 bounty towards the removal of a Callery Pear and the planting of a new tree. The Ornamental Pear must have been removed in 2023, or will need to be removed before a new tree is planted. The $50 discount only applies to trees (2″ trunk diameter or larger) installed by Wasco Nursery. It does not apply if the new tree will be planted by the homeowner or 3rd party. This discount does not apply to existing planting orders placed before July 1, 2023. The discount also does not apply to Landscape Design Projects and Special Ordered Trees. This promotion expires July 31,2023.

Check out the video below for some of Matt’s top recommendation for Ornamental Pear Replacements: