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Stump Grinding & Tree Removal Services

There are a variety of reasons why a tree may need to be removed from your property.  Trees often outgrow their location or intended purpose, other times the tree succombs to an insect problem like Emerald Ash Borer or a fungal or bacterial pathogen such as a blight or wilt disease. Whatever the reason, many homeowners have to remove and replace dead or dying trees at some point. We offer stump grinding and removal services so that you can replace your dead tree with something new – often in the same spot as the old tree.  Most tree removal companies only grind tree stumps down to a depth of 6″ below grade, however, in order to plant a new tree in the same location, our professionals can grind stumps down to the necessary depth of 20-24″ below grade.  Wasco Nursery’s foremen will assess the size of the existing tree or stump and offer an estimate on the cost of removal.

Stump Size

Our experienced crews can grind stumps of nearly any size and can remove trees up to 18″ in diameter.  If we feel that that the existing tree is outside the size that we can safely remove, we are happy to offer referrals to some local tree removal companies that we trust and work with on a regular basis. Please note that our stump grinding fees are NOT included in our normal tree-planting fees.  

Please let us know ahead of time if your new tree is going in the same spot where an old tree was previously growing – even if you have already had the stump ground out by another company.  


If you are interested in receiving an estimate for stump grinding or tree removal services please contact [email protected] or call Dave direct at 630.485.4381.

Once you have received an estimate for stump grinding, you can visit the following link to pay: Stump Grinding Payment

Wasco Nursery is not responsible for damage done to irrigation lines or unmarked underground service lines such as dog fences, landscape lighting, etc. 


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“ Pedro and the crew did an outstanding job of installing my plants/bushes! Plus Pedro explained about each planting to me. A fine young man! I am so grateful you sent Pedro and crew to my home! Wasco Nursery is top notch all the way!! Thank you very very much! ”

Kathy D.

“ Thank you for designing a beautiful garden. You captured my imagination and desire for a "Growing in Place" garden concept. It flows so beautifully and the combination of different plants will be fun to take care of. The Turtleheads are blooming and the Butterfly mint is attracting hummingbirds. ”

Gary B.

Batavia, IL
“ Wasco Nursery is the best place to fill all your gardening needs. I’ve had so many compliments on perennials, most of which I’ve not seen in other garden centers. I recommend walking the grounds to see the huge variety they carry and talk to their knowledgeable staff. So friendly and accommodating! ”

Lynn A.

Elgin, IL
" Always a pleasure to visit Wasco Nursery & Garden Center. The staff is helpful and the selection of plants is great! "

Jennifer P.

St. Charles, IL