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Maple Bladder Gall Information

Info Maple trees of all types are a mainstay in No. Illinois. Their vibrant fall color, hardiness, disease resistance and fast growth rate make them a landscape favorite. Some species of Maple can develop small red or black bumps on their leaves during the summer months that can be alarming at first glance. These small … Read More “Maple Bladder Gall Information”

How to Care For Fruit Trees

Fruit Tree Care Guide (Illinois) In order to have the best quality fruit, similar to what you would find at a grocery store, you will want to treat your fruit trees. There are a few different products you should apply to your trees throughout the year, so that your tree remains healthy and produces quality … Read More “How to Care For Fruit Trees”

Aphid Treatment

Info / Symptoms: Aphids are one of the most destructive pests for plant life. They cause damage to many different types of plants by sucking the sap of the plant as well as transmitting viruses from plant to plant. Aphids can have many effects on plants, especially those in temperate regions or indoors. Because female … Read More “Aphid Treatment”

Anthracnose Treatment

Anthracnose Treatment – Info / Symptoms: Anthracnose is a fungal disease caused by several different fungi that are closely related. All of the fungi are generally host-specific, meaning they can only affect one type of tree. The disease spreads in spring when it is cool and wet. The effect on an infected tree can vary, … Read More “Anthracnose Treatment”

Apple Scab Treatment

Apple Scab Info / Symptoms: If you have a flowering crabapple or fruit-bearing apple tree that flowers and leaves out fully in the spring but then starts shedding its leaves in the early summer, your tree may have apple scab.  Although apple scab is not fatal in and of itself, it can weaken your tree … Read More “Apple Scab Treatment”

Cedar Quince Rust Treatment

Cedar Quince Rust Info / Symptoms: Cedar-apple rust, cedar-hawthorn rust, and cedar-quince rust are closely related rust diseases that require two hosts to complete their life cycle. All three rusts can infect most varieties of eastern red cedar as well as many other junipers and an alternate host. Cedar-quince rust has the broadest host range … Read More “Cedar Quince Rust Treatment”