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Spruce Spidermites Info & Control

Photos courtesy (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) Photos courtesy (University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign) Info / Symptoms: The Spruce Spidermite is a type of mite that specifically eats spruce and a few other conifers. These mites eat the plant by poking holes in the needles, resulting in small discolored marks left behind with each feeding. … Read More “Spruce Spidermites Info & Control”

How to Treat Boxwood Leafminer

Boxwood Leafminer Info Boxwood Leafminer is the most destructive insect pest of boxwood. The adult insect is a small mosquito-like fly. The adult insect does little to no damage to the plant. The larvae, though, are another story. The adult females lay eggs on the boxwood leaf surface. These eggs hatch and the larvae will … Read More “How to Treat Boxwood Leafminer”

Deer / Rabbit Management

How to Discourage Deer & Rabbits There are many different ways to discourage deer & rabbits from damaging plants. The primary methods we recommend are Physical Barriers, Repellants, and choosing Plants Not Favored by Deer & Rabbits. Physical Barriers tend to be the most expensive and time-consuming of the three methods listed. In order for … Read More “Deer / Rabbit Management”

Magnolia Scale Treatment

Magnolia Scale Info / Symptoms: Magnolia Scale is one of the largest scale insects in Illinois reaching up to a half of an inch in length. It can also be fairly difficult to treat large infestations. Magnolia Scale will overwinter on twigs on the tree, then start to feed and enlarge throughout spring. Female scale … Read More “Magnolia Scale Treatment”