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How to Pick the Right Type of Live Christmas Tree

Choosing the right type of Christmas Tree is important. If you are a fan of the fragrance that live trees provide, the best tree for you would be a Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir. Both of these tree types have strong needles & branches that are great for holding up ornaments.

Choosing between the Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir can be a little tricky, since they are very similar. The main difference between the two is that Fraser Fir have a little white on their needles, which contrasts well with the dark green other parts of the needle. Balsam Fir also tend to shed more and have less-strong branches than  Fraser Fir.

How to Set up A Christmas Tree

The best way to set up a live Christmas tree is to use a Christmas Tree Stand. This stand uses 4 steel screws to secure the tree in place. Make sure to open the stand up fully first, then place the tree in the center, then tighten the screws. Once tight, add lukewarm water to the stand and make sure it never runs out.

After the tree is in the stand, remove the roping around the tree and gently bend down the branches. Most times, trees will not fully bend down right away. This is normal. The tree will need some adjusting time (generally 1 day) for its branches to settle. During this period, avoid putting heavy ornaments on the trees and bending the branches too far.

Once the Christmas Tree is settled, you can start decorating it. To hide the Christmas Tree stand, you can use a Christmas Tree Stand Cover. These come in many different styles, including the one shown in the photo at the top of the page.

How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

Anytime the water is low, make sure to fill it up as high as you can without overflowing. If the stand dries out for a long period, you can try to save the tree by putting a new fresh cut on it and filling the stand with very hot water.

Christmas Tree Food is generally not necessary to keep trees fresh. The most important thing is keeping the stand filled at all times.