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Wasco Nursery's 2023 Customer's Choice Plant List

In this list, we will share our customers’ favorite plants! If you have questions about the choices or if they will work in your yard, please contact one of our tree experts.

We are always happy to help give recommendations for which trees would work best in your yard.

Bur Oak

Top Oak Tree for 2023: The Bur Oak

This tree is the hardiest of the oaks. Bur Oak is singularly majestic, with its picturesque wide-spreading habit of growth and gnarled branches. It is best suited for larger landscapes. It is extremely tough and adaptable but relatively slow-growing and long-lived.

Top Maple Tree for 2023: The North Wind Maple

This excellent ornamental maple tree is perfect for northern Illinois winters. It was originally tested in weather several degrees colder than Illinois, making it tough enough for even the coldest winters we have.
It has red leaves in spring, green leaves in summer, and orange to vibrant red leaves in fall. It also grows a staggering 12-15″+ per year.
Alley Cat Redbud

Top Ornamental Tree for 2023: The Eastern Redbud

This tree needs little to no introduction. It has been a favorite of our team and clients for years. Eastern Redbuds are an Illinois native and do well in both sunny and shady areas. They have beautiful pink flowers early in the spring and unique bark + leaf shape and texture.
Rozanne Cranesbill

Top Perennial for 2023: Rozanne Cranesbill

Vigorous growth with long flowering period, this selection features mounds of deep green foliage topped with gorgeous violet-blue flowers; blooms from late spring to early frost; excellent for borders, containers and hanging baskets

Top Salvia for 2023:: Bumbleberry Salvia

‘Bumbleberry’ produces dark fuchsia pink flowers on dark wine purple calyxes on a petite habit of attractive deep green foliage. The deep, intense color makes other pink Salvias pale in comparison. This cute sized package is perfect for the front of the border or growning in a  pot.