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Wasco Nursery Plants On Sale


Rolling sales / fall specials are back! Throughout the rest of September and into early October we’ll have a new sale list come out every Friday. That week’s specials will run through the following Thursday. Make sure you open and read our email each week to see what’s on special.  


Fall is a wonderful time for planting. The warm soils and shorter days encourage plants to spend their energy on root growth rather than top growth (leaf and stem growth occurs in the spring and summer). The cooler weather and more available soil moisture means much less watering on your part. Best of all, trees and shrubs are guaranteed for 1 year when you plant them yourself or 3 years when planted by our experienced crews.


30% OFF:
  • ALL Lilac
  • Perennials & Grasses (all container sizes
  • Weigela
  • Burning Bush (including fresh dug)
  • Paperbark Maples
  • Magnolia (all varieties)
  • All Evergreens
  • Vines (all varieties)
  • ALL Crabapples
  • ALL Lilac
  • ALL Spirea
  • ALL Chokeberries
  • ALL Viburnum
  • ALL Juniper
  • ALL Ornamental Cherries
  • ALL Serviceberry
  • ALL Roses
  • Weeping Redbud
  • Upright Yews
  • Bottlebrush Buckeye
  • ALL Dogwood
  • Magnolia (single stem only)
    • Lois (yellow)
    • Butterflies (yellow)
  • ALL Beech
  • Birch (all varieties)
  • American Hornbeam
  • Tupelo (aka Blackgum)
  • Dawn Redwood
  • Douglasfir
  • Pine (all varieties)
  • Spruce (all varieties)
  • 3.5″ & 4″ diameter – Autumn Blaze Maple (~16-20′ tall)
  • Tiny Tower Arborvitae
  • Globe Arborvitae
  • Edible Fruit (Trees and Shrubs)
50% OFF
  • Honeylocust
  • Niobe Weeping Willow
  • Yellowwood
  • Blueberries
Above Sale runs through Thursday, September 28th 

*Sale is limited to in-stock plant material only and does not apply to special order or custom dug material


**Sale does not apply to landscape projects or previously purchased plant material.



Sparkling Sprite® Crabapple

Sparkling Sprite’s pink buds opening to white flowers smother the dense, rounded head of this top-grafted, compact dwarf. Summer foliage is especially clean and bright green. An abundant fruit crops persists well into winter (meaning no mess / no rotten fruit), slowly turning from golden yellow to orange. Excellent resistance to Scab, Rust, Fireblight and Mildew.

        photo courtesy / credit: J. Frank Schmidt & Co.


Black Tupelo (aka Blackgum)

Rich green glossy foliage ignites with brilliant fall tones, ranging from scarlet to maroon, yellow and orange. Fissured grey bark provides winter interest. Adaptable to urban conditions including compacted and poorly drained soils and occasional drought. 30-35’t x 20’w

         photo courtesy / credit: J. Frank Schmidt & Co.


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Seasonal Highlight: Premium Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

We just restocked our ever popular supply of Premium Mixed Hardwood (Birch, Maple, Cherry, Oak & Hickory) Firewood. 

Do you want to know what makes a firewood “premium”? Click below to learn more and to place your order for firewood.